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About Us

Mission Statement

The Fresno Women’s Network was founded in 1987 as a way for women to support each other in business, personal, and professional growth. Members are encouraged to build relationships, mentor one another, and give back to the community.


To establish a visible, informed significant presence of women in the Fresno area through the following activities: a directory of professional women leaders, educational forums on women’s issues and interests, networking opportunities for women of the community and a source for speakers.

Nonpartisan Policy

No substantial part of the activities of the Network shall consist of the publication or dissemination of materials with the purpose of attempting to influence legislation, nor will the Network participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.


Any person eighteen years of age or older, of good character, and dedicated to the purposes of the Network, shall be eligible for membership upon acceptance of application and payment of dues.


Dr. Linda Abbott, Darlene Azevedo, Donna Bausano, Cynda Clary, Jeanne Cornwell, Judith George, Dennis Hoagland, Kathy Kessleman, Barbara Andrews Morgan, Kathy Hart-Seller, Delynn Deyller, Susan Wanger.

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