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Suzanne Moles Bio

Suzanne Moles

Suzanne owns two businesses, Wattleweb Global Solutions which offers web development, Internet and social media services to the local community and Stars & Stripes Products which sells patriotic jewelry on a national scale. Her entrepreneurial spirit for small business has always been a driving force in her life and she has owned and operated businesses in three countries including Australia and Ireland.

She came to Fresno in 2003 when she married Steven and became a US citizen on December 13, 2007. Coming from another country and not knowing anyone she set about joining groups to start networking to launch her businesses in her new country. She attended the FWN “Network at Night” in 2004 and immediately became a member of the organization and in 2006 became the Website Committee Chair. She served the FWN in this position until 2014 when she took a Board position as Parliamentarian. She has great passion for this organization and sees future success for the Fresno Women’s Network and its members so this year will take on a new role as Treasurer. Suzanne is also the facilitator of the Small Business Owners (SBO) group that is part of the FWN organization.

Suzanne also holds a Board position with Leads of North Fresno as the current Treasurer and is a Board member of  Center for Equine Assisted Recovery & Healing.

Volunteering has always been high on Suzanne’s list and she volunteered her time to the Family Readiness Program with the National Guard, California National Guard and the 144th Fighter Wing in Fresno, CA when her husband was an active member. She was also a volunteer trainer for the family program encompassing both Army and Air Guard for the CNG, she served as the volunteer for the Task Force Vista border mission and participated as a trainer in the Senior Leadership Family Readiness course that was developed especially for this mission. She was called to serve the National Guard Bureau as part of the Volunteer Support Staff for a total of 5 years at their Family conferences held in different states.

Suzanne says that one of her most treasured moments was receiving a flag send from Iraq by Brigadier General, Donald J. Currier, and Commander of the 49th Military Police Brigade who were deployed to Iraq. She set up a secure communications network for the soldiers and their families. In his letter he said:

Your thoughtfulness and concern are a wonderful personification of what makes our country great. On behalf of the Soldiers of the Brigade please accept this United States flag as a token of our appreciation. This particular flag flew above the Sentinel Compound at Camp Liberty, Iraq for the entire day on 4 February 2010”.

She has been the recipient of many awards for her volunteer service and among them are:

    • 2007 - California Commendation Medal
    • 2007 - VFW Military Volunteer for California
    • 2009 - California Commendation Medal (1 Oak Leaf Cluster)
    •  2009 - California Legislature Assembly, Certificate of Recognition
    • 2010 - NGB Family Member of the Year Award – Air Guard

Suzanne has 3 sons and 9 grandchildren who all live in Australia.

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