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FWN Small Business Owners 


This is a  group that has been formed within the membership of the Fresno Women’s Network and if you are a small business owner with a registered business and it is your sole source of income then this might be of interest to you.

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"My business has blossomed and grown because of SBO Members and our meetings. They have not only contributed ideas for growing my business but have challenged me at time to reach beyond my comfort zone. Many of the ideas shared at our meetings have worked well for me and all of this is in addition to the valuable friendships and encouragement of my SBO associates."  Betty Goertzen, Develop Design Do It
"SBO is evolving into a great resource for women that own their own business. The challenges of being the "boss" can be shared in an open and honest manner. The group sometimes serves in the role of a mini-mastermind group. 
Dr Treva D. Lee, DDS, MAGD,FICOI

9 Reasons to Come to this Month's SBO Session: 

  1. They’re free. It’s not often you can get business and marketing advice for free. And the advice we share with each other is highly valuable.
  2. It takes a village to succeed in any business. Gone are the days of Lone Ranger business folk. We need each other. Often I’ll present a conundrum to the group, thinking I’ve exhausted every way to figure the situation out. Their perspectives are always different and fresh.

  3. You can combine your efforts to bless each other. Many of the masterminds helped me with a recent launch, offering products and services to folks who bought Everything.

  4. We all have blind spots that we simply cannot see on our own. A mastermind group sees your blind spots and helps you navigate around them or overcome them.

  5. Ideas. If you struggle to find creative ideas to boost your business, a collective of 10 people will exponentially add to your idea pot.

  6. They ask great questions and help you see a project from every angle.

  7. They have a wealth of experience to offer when you’re trying something new. This can help you avoid their mistakes.

  8. They provide empathy and support when your business is going through transition. Sometimes all I’ve needed is hearing, “I’ve been there,” or “You’ll get through this.”

  9. Meeting and sharing your goals keeps you accountable.


The goal of the group is to bring together those who are business owners (Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation) and would like to meet once a month, either online or in person and participate in discussions and network with each other. To find out if your business fits the definition of a small business check here.

The Mission

    • Provide a forum for personal and professional growth through networking and other opportunities.
    • Encourage peer-to-peer support for women business owners in a diverse and positive atmosphere.
    • Be a catalyst for creative problem solving that fosters ongoing success in life and in business.


    1. Must be a current member of FWN and own a registered small business
    2. Guests are welcome ( A guest can attend 1 meeting prior to becoming an FWN member.)
    3. No guest speakers
    4. Not a Leads group
    5. Empower each other with support and ideas to succeed
    6. Discussion on business related issues
    7. Group members will help set discussion topics for each meeting
    8. From time to time a member may be asked to do a short presentation for discussion on a specific topic

If you would like more information please contact Suzanne Moles on (559) 392-1786 or email

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