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Debbie Milla's Bio

 After moving with her family,from the bay area, at the age of 9,  she stepped into her first of many   Masonic organizations.  This is where the philanthropic bug struck her heart. She then went into the   dental field and worked as an assistant and office manager for over 20 years.  During that time, she   met the love of her life, Joey, and was married in 2005.  Things really change for her then.  Her and   Joey started up the a winery, Milla Vineyards.  This fulfilled a life long dream of Joey's.  Since he was   taught by his grandfather to make wine.  During this time she was one of the founding members of   the Fresno County Wine Association. With the winery they helped many organizations to raise money   either by donations or tastings.  These opportunities opened many doors for Debbie.  She was on   the board for the Convention & Visitor Board 501c3 and the recipient of their Hometown Hero   Award.  Board member for the Fresno Women's Network, and a member of Junior League of   Fresno and  Fresno Women's Chamber  as well as member of both Fresno & Clovis Chambers.   Debbie's passion for animals   led her to help raise money for S.P.C.A., Valley Animal Shelter and ACT.

 In 2014 Debbie joined the Board of Directors for The Discovery Center of Fresno.  After a short time   on the board she jumped in and volunteered as the Executive Director of the Discovery Center.  For   over a year, her the staff and hundreds of volunteers helped to bring the center back to life after   going through some trying times. She is very proud of all the work she accomplished and still   continues to support in a quieter manner.

During this time, Joey and Debbie decided to close the winery due to mechanical issues wiping out the full inventory of wine.  But they do not sit still.  No, they continued their line of seasonings and dry rubs with Country Chef Seasonings & Sauces.  Helping people that want to add flavor, not salt, to their diets.  They have several flavors, all low salt and a few "no" salt.  In 2017 they expanded their business to include sauces, Everything Sauce & Whatever Sauce.  They also farm and stay constantly busy taking care of their of the elder members of their family.

Joey and Debbie still live at the location of the winery, with their 6- 4 legged children.  4 dogs, 2 cats and several feral cats that hang out.  They still enjoy entertaining, cooking and of coarse wine.  You might even find them out by the huge fire pit they dug for the winery on a cold winter's night toasting marshmallows and sipping wine.

Joining the Fresno Women's Network in 2009, after Milla Vineyards participated in their Net at Night networking event, she began to serve on the special events committee that planned the famed event, along with many other events. Now, as President of the Fresno Women's Network, her plans are to work on the speakers program, strengthen relationships and inject even more fun into the network.  Debbie has made some of her dearest friends in the network and she hopes you do as well

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