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Anne Marie Avellar Bio

 Anne Marie Avellar began her career at AAA in 1984 at the young age of 22. She had always known she wanted to   represent a company with a great reputation for taking care of both its clients as well as its employees and,   knowing that AAA had always been her family’s insurance, felt that it was a good fit. It has turned out to be exactly   that. Anne Marie is a personal lines insurance agent and helps provide car, home, life and other types of protection   for her clients. She cares deeply about providing the right coverage to each individual, with less concern about her   own gain. This “service-first” approach to business has provided a win-win for both Anne Marie and her clients. She   has won many prestigious production awards at AAA and has earned luxury trips with the top producers to New   York, Tahiti, Canada and Hawaii, among other destinations.

 From 2008-2009 Anne Marie took a brief 20-month hiatus from selling insurance to stay home with her family.   During this time she promoted an at-home business (SendOutCards), training professionals to increase the referral   and retention aspect of their business. She quickly reached the level of Senior Manager and earned a Mexico cruise  with other top producers. It was during this time that Anne Marie joined the Fresno Women’s Network and began to develop wonderful business relationships and, not coincidentally, deep personal friendships as well. She has continued to be a member for these past ten years even after returning to AAA to continue her life career. Anne Marie is also a member of the Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

Anne Marie has been a Fresno resident most of her life. She has been married to her husband Tim for 33 years and has two grown sons, Grayson and Garrett. She is actively involved with her church as an elder and teaches about God’s love to the little K-1 children in her class. She volunteers to serve the poor and needy and believes that the evidence of a healthy spiritual church family is how much its members serve and give to the less fortunate and also love each other.

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