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2017 Scholarship Recipients

Cynthia ChandlerCynthia Chandler

I am nineteen years old and I am from Pondicherry, India.  I attended Clovis North Educational Center and graduated in the top 10th percentile in a graduating class of 600. I currently attend Clovis Community College in Fresno, California. I’m pursuing my Associate’s Degree in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology. 

I plan to transfer to a University and receive my Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.  

Because of my love for kids and my interest in medicine, I have decided to pursue medical school in hopes of becoming a Pediatric Surgeon. 

Melinda MastersMelinda Masters

I've always believed to be that in order to be fulfilled, one must have a purpose in life.  I enjoy the medical field and interacting with people so I decided to pursue a Bachelor's of Science in Dietetics at Fresno State.My goal is to specialize in Diabetes Education as a Registered Dietitian. 

I worked as a bedside respiratory care practitioner for 24 years and many of my patients were diabetics - as were 3 of my grandparents and my mother. I've seen firsthand the ravages of what this disease can do. My role as a dietitian will be to impart my knowledge and compassion to my patients, enabling them to live with their disease successfully and to live their lives with dignity.

Sharmaine WhittenSharmaine Whitten

I graduated from Fresno State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development. I am starting my third year in the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) Master’s program at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. 

I have worked with the Employment Development Department in the Workforce Services department for the past three years as an Employment Program Representative connecting employers and job-seekers.

Victoria RochaVictoria Rocha

Susan Melkonian Scholarship Recipient

My past is stained with many mistakes but with God and lots of hard work and dedication those mistakes do not define my future. I am motivated and determined to accomplish all my goals both in my education and in life in general. 

My eyes are set on Fresno State and I will continue to reach for the stars and show my children all things are possible. I am very involved in my church and I am also connected to a youth program by the name of YouthOps Corporation. I am a 4.0 student at Fresno City College and Just passed my GED at the beginning of this year. I'll never forget the hardships that I endured, because they push me to do better. I love life today and I am excited for my future.  

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